Friday, January 05, 2007

Twist Tops

I was just over visiting the Sewing Divas blog. Diva Phyllis showed some wonderful examples of how that famous twist top has evolved from a simple V neck. She showed a photo of a twist top turtleneck. That's right, a turtleneck with style. I was thinking of how the construction of this woudl be fairly easy to accomplish. Phyllis pointed out the CF seamlines already that makes this possible, so I won't repeat it here. But this is a nice compromise for this top. There is still the fashionable twist, but there is no underbust band like in the WOF version. The girls don't need that type of accentuation, thanks! The V neck alone is usually sufficient ... But I like the option of the T-Neck a lot. And why stop there? Why not a jewel neckline instead?

There was a similar mod to the twist top a year or so ago by ">Mlle Laura over at Pattern Review. In her version, she eliminated the underbust band and converted the upper bodice into 2 pieces. I loved that version and had planned on making it this season. The only thing holding me back was the deep V neck. I am getting tired of it even though I know it is a flattering look for me. Variety is the spice of life after all! So, thanks to Phyllis and Macy's, I am going to have that T-neck for the winter! Ressy is bringing in some new samples of sweater knit as well ... coincidence or fate?

It also reminds my of a OOP DKNY pattern for a woven top. If I were to take an existing Turtleneck pattern and copy the placement of the bodice slit, then I would have the top from Macy's. I also think that I should revisit the DKNY top. I do love the top, even though it is a bit sung thanks to a gaff in taking it in. If I did so, I would add buttons to the placket and shape the lower bodice a bit more to avoid the maternity look it can give due to its loose fit. I dropping in on Darrell on Wednesday ... maybe I will look at his shirting samples and see what calls my name. I see this in a nice crisp white or even a nice balanced blue or maybe even a fine red stripe if placed correctly.

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