Sunday, January 14, 2007

To do list ...

Well, so far I have managed to get the Sportive Suit jacket and the Lacy Wrap Cardigan finished. The Cherry Blossom Coat only needs to be hemmed. Last night I was too tired to do it. But I may get at it tonight as I watch television.

I have one more job interview to go tomorrow afternoon, and will wear the cardigan over a silk knit mock Turtle and my Jalie pants. If I get the position, I will have to sew up a storm to provide myself with a wardrobe for a casual workplace. So, what to do next?

As I am managing to lose some weight, I need to either alter pants or make new ones. I have lots of fabrics that are suitable for this work environment, so I can easily make new ones. I think the next pair will be the HP Dragon Cargo Pants (minus the dragon embroidery on the leg) in a nice wool gabardine from fabricmart. I may also make up another pair of Jalie pants in black brushed twill. I have some brown ottoman (like an unbrushed twill) from Ressy that may become the Everyday Pants. Depends on how it washes up.

For tops, I need a number of them. The first one will be a twist top with a cut on sleeve from WOF in a white cotton interlock. Followed closely by the twist Turtleneck proposed by Diva Phyllis. After that I need to make some shirts and blouses for myself. I have potentially only 2 weeks to get myself the beginnings of a working wardrobe. First one that didn't involve a uniform ... and I get to sew up a storm while the Pilot is away during the week.

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