Sunday, January 28, 2007


We finally managed to convince the Pilot to allow a Pet. Elder monkey's next door neighbour playmate has been asked by his parents to remove the Hamster. The Boy has too much work and activities to take proper care of the Hamster. Elder Monkey dearly wants a pet and is motivated to earn his Pet Care badge at Cub Scouts. The hold out has been the Pilot. Having done 2 moves with a feline, he is hesitant to move again with an animal. He also didn't think that the house can handle one. But a reasonable discussion about trial period of 3 months (equal to the time required for the badge) and the fact that this is the perfect opportunity for Elder Monkey to prove he is responsible enough to have a pet, turned the Pilot around.

The Hamster arrived today. Monkey spent yesterday and this morning reading online about hamsters. Most of the afternoon he has been in his bedroom reading and watching/playing with the hamster, now christened SCRUFFY. I will post a pic tomorrow while the Monkeys are at school.

Step one to my real goal of a Beagle dog!

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Mary Beth said...

Too funny! The House Hamster should make a good test case. However a beagle is a very energetic dog and will definitely need a fenced in yard: they are helpless in the face of furry rodents like rabbits and squirrels and will run for miles and hours.