Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Diva Mary Beth has tagged The Needle! Man, now I have to think about what to say about myself and how to put my personal self out there for all to see!

Here’s how it works:

1. someone tags you, (thanks MB!)
2. you post five things about yourself that you haven’t already mentioned on your blog (seeing as I haven't posted much other than this job and sewing this give some lots of leeway!)
3. you tag 5 people you’d like to know more about (that will take some thought ... I know of 2 off hand, but will have to think about who else to tag as I don't follow many personal blogs right now)

OK, five things that you don't know about me ...

1. I am the youngest of 4 girl children and have no brothers, making my upbringing a hot house of estrogen combined with German stubborness (Mom) and good old Army thinking as Dad was a Sergeant Major in the Canadian military. This background lead me to a uniform early in life as I joined the Air Cadet system and discovered I really thrived in this environment. So, off I went to Military College (think a Canadian version of West Point, only we have all three branches of our military in one College rather split into Army, Navy and Air Force). I loved that too, but found out the hard way I am not an engineer. Turns out that loving theory isn't enough, you have to be able to apply it and do lots of higher math. Not my strong point. So, combine that with an injury and I left the College after one year, but stayed in the military and received my Officer's Commission in the Military Police. At 19 I was handed a badge, rank on my shoulders and told "you are now a leader of men" abd qualified to be the Head of Security on a base. Scary isn't it? After 8 years of that life I had an inkling to actually live in the same province as the Pilot (especially after the wedding!) so I semi-retired and took command of a Reserve Unit in his location. We had to re-learn how to love together ...

2. Fast forward a few years and we are posted again. I decide to hang up the uniform for good to avoid future separation (you know that will come back to haunt me) and go back to school to get that degree I started back in the Military College. I go in with the intention of avoiding law and all things legal as I want something new. What chooses my interest? The first prof of my first day shows a slide of a map that shows Antarctica on the top. Confuses the kiddies in the classroom. Finally somebody speaks up, "Sir, I think your slide is upside down". Response? "Who says that North has to be up? What natural law is there that says it must be so? Naming north as up was an arbitrary decision by an individual." My interest was highly peaked ... and anthropology became my passion. Moving around so much in my life exposed me to many things, so this is perfect for me! Combining it with ancient history, religious and native studies made for a wonderful 3 years of reading and writing of papers. I wanted to get my Masters, but the first monkey arrived first. And a posting for the Pilot.

3. My "retirement" dream is to own a bookstore. The Pilot thinks it would be great and we laugh about throwing in a sewing lounge as well. If we make it a 3 floor enterprise we can have a communal wood shop on the ground floor, the books on the main floor and the sewing rooms upstairs. Gonna be a big building but will combine all of our passions in one. The only stickler is where ... we are from opposite sides of the country so we both differ on where will be better to live!

4. I miss the ocean. I spent a large portion of my teenage years living on the shore of Nova Scotia and really miss the smell of salt air and the on shore breezes ... that is one thing that both the Pilot and I agree on. We need to see water when we settle down. One of my favorite escapes was to go to the beach, sit on a rock and just watch the waves ... so soothing and a great way to reduce stress.

5. I am in love with a dog at the local Humane Society but can't bring him home. We don't want to have a pet while we still are moving every few years. The dog is a beagle cross named Snoopy. Perfect for walking along the beach ...

Now, who to tag next ... difficult as I don't like to do things like this to people who don't like to participate in such things. And my blog exposure is still narrow. So, who to send it to ... I think I will have to sleep on that part. Ponder it while I get groceries!


Mary Beth said...

I'm glad I tagged you. I would love to come sew above your bookstore above your woodshop. Great floor plan...Ohhh, a turret above all for handsewing and sea breezes!

Anonymous said...

Lorna, I'm glad MB tagged you cause I found your blog, and it's nice to get to know you better. Boy are you lucky the HP's fit you right out of the envelope - what a treat.