Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bo Ho Cardigan - finished

I finished the cardigan last night, so I am set for tomorrow. The Pilot heads back tonight, so I should be able to hem the coat and have that finished off for the snow expected tomorrow! I chose to make the ties out of self fabric, but to use what I declared to be the "wrong" side out. This gives a subtle but nice contrast effect, I think. I have some fabric left, maybe enough to make a pullover for the younger Monkey. She tried to explain that she wants a top that wraps. My little fashionista to be ...

I was really pleasantly surprised by this pattern. The one review I had read made it seem like it was a horrible pattern. I found it to be totally opposite. Even though this is a totally wearable muslin, I would love to have this in a wonderful wool knit to snuggle down in the cold weather. The only thing I will change in this is to either widen the collar a bit or use the binding to give some extra width. And maybe add a button to it to secure the fronts a bit better than the ties.

Next HP up ... Dragon Cargo pants! Those will happen after I hem that coat tonight!

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Mary Beth said...

Lorna: that is quite nice. I am so happy all these beautiful things are going to live in your closet! Good luck tomorrow!!!