Friday, January 26, 2007

Biggest Birthday Wish is Really Small

Get your kleenex out people! This is a tear jerker ... I was sent this last night by a fellow Scout leader.

There is a 7 year old boy at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (located here in Ottawa, my home town), who is battling cancer. He has said that he would like to get a lot of birthday cards. He actually said that he would like to get the world record for the most amount of birthday cards. At the age of 7, I am sure that he did not realize that the record is 33 million cards. I am not the type of person who gets involved with chain letters and this will probably be the only thing like it that I would do, but something about Shane's story touched me. I would ask that everyone who receives this email, send a card to Shane (You can mail it to KISS FM...follow the link that I have included in this email for the address). Quite a few of you that are on my email list are involved in Scouting or Guiding. I would ask that you bring this to your groups and use it as a craft idea. This is something that the youth may enjoy, and I am sure that it would be something that Shane would enjoy!

I would also ask that you pass this message on to fellow Scouters, Guiders and Co-Workers. Let's try to get this message all across Canada if we can. Shane turns 8 in May. You can meet Shane by checking out his profile by following the link I have provided.

105.3 KISS FM The radio station has a mailing address that you can send cards to. They will take them to CHEO (the hospital) to Shane.

TLP Foundation

This is the ultimate Hallmark moment my friends. I ask that you read and then pass it on to any other Scout leader or Guide leader you know or even to any school class that would be interested in helping Shane achieve his goal. Thanks so much!

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