Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back at it! Return to Patchoullli ...

So I have spent the day in the shop working on the newest version of the HP Patchoulli dress, in a paisley/floral stretch velvet. The velvet is in a black with a burgundy paisley and floral pattern that has the pile removed. The waist panel is done in a matching burgundy rayon knit as will be the neckbands I am putting on.

I have the skirt done with the waist panel and hem ruffles in. Instead of using the full length of the ruffle and gathering the double fullness in, I only put on one panel for a slight flirty effect on the bottom. But I think it is too long now. Also, I see the hem ruffle and I get a "Prairie Skirt" feeling. Not my style ... to be honest, I think that is why the linen version sits in the Closet more often than it should. Too many ruffles (neckline, hemline and sleeve hemline) for me. I go for a more of a cleaner look.

So, the conundrum now is, do I cut the skirt back and then re-sew the hemline treatment or just remove it completely and hem the skirt plain. I am leaning towards the latter, to be honest. I still have the second halves of the ruffle that I thought I would use on a skirt made from the rayon knit. Maybe to add some hemline interest I can do something with the rayon ... I do have a lot of it!

The bodice I have modified to be a cross over V neck with a contrast neck band in an homage to the Cosmo Dress. Rather than the underbust gathering, I am going to dart out the excess. I have to play with the fit a bit on Mindy first, though. I am not sure if I have the wrap just right yet. If it doesn't work out, I have a back up plan ... when I cut the neckband, I also cut it out in the velvet, so I can make a reworked bodice out of the solid rayon and use the velvet for the banding. Then I can recut the bodice with whatever changes are needed. If things go well, I want to wear this to church tomorrow, so cross your fingers sweeties!

BTW, in between coat sessions, I am going to be starting a pair of Claire Schaeffer pants using the couture directions. AND I am going to line them as well. So, watch this space for more on that in the future. That will be my first big project of the year. Then I will tackle those Marfy's I ordered in the fall!

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Mary Beth said...

I had to go to your PR review to see the Patchoulli dress. It's no longer on the HP site. Now that I've refreshed my memory I agree with your decision to remove the lower flounce for a different version of this pretty style: it does seem overwhelming to be decorated in flounces from head to toe. Hope you can show us your final outcome!