Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Tide Needs to Turn

I am back from oblivion again. I know I promised pics of projects past. I have come to terms with the fact that sewing was losing it's fun factor. Taking photos at each important step for a review that I was making myself write and then post was taking too much of my time. So, those pics are not happening any time soon. I will discuss patterns as I would chat with you across my table as we shared either a glass or a cup (the contents of which will depend highly upon whether or not I like the project we are discussing)!

I am too busy to do more. Since December last, I switched to a full time job but did not slow down on my other commitments. My sewing time is limited and precious to me. I want to maximize machine time when I can.

The biggest competition for my time right now is me. I have, over the past year put back on the inches and pounds I had lost. I let work and family become an excuse to not take care of me. The result is that the Doc has told me to drop 20-30 pounds. So, that means one hour of exercise a minimim of four times a week. So, the Pilot's workout needs don't mqtch mine so we need to do them mostly apart. Last night was a one hour brisk walk. Next time we take the uphill route as our first one was too easy. Tonight Diva and I did the same route TWICE on our bikes. She wants to do it each week. Tomorrow night I take a TRX class at a city gym. Google that if you want a new and challenging work out!! My goal is to exercise in the week ans then I can sew on the weekends.

The tide has started to turn. I am charting a new course. Does anybody want to join me? I am going to try to do short posts each night with my workouts ...
Let me know if you are going to join my journey. We can swim together.

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Connie Bontje said...

Good to hear from you Lorna! I was missing your voice. In the same boat as you- those inches and pounds sneak up on us don't they?!