Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Returns

Thanks for hanging in there over the past week of silence!  We got back into town two nights ago and are still catching up on sleep lost due to time zone shift and then there is the catch up at work after a week's unexpected absence.

First off, I DID manage to exercise while away. I took my TRX for self inflicted torture and set it up in the walk out under the BIL's back deck.  Nice and cool in the shade and those floor joists were definitely sturdy enough!  Top that off with an hour long brisk hike in the hills with the Pilot in tow and  making really good choices for food, I think I did great considering I had almost no control over where we ate and when!  What did you do over the past week?

The dress was finished onsite.  I had to finish hand stitching the hem and the lining to the zipper once I arrifved, but really that only took about 30 minutes to do while listening to all the chater going on around us.  I used Vogue 1100 and some wonderful stretch wool crepe from Darrell.  Lots of complements on the dress.  It was classy with a modern twist with the neckline treatment.  The fabric made all the difference in this one.  The wool didn't wrinkle, it was a perfect weight and the lycra made motion easier.  Unlike some reviewers, I didn't have any armhole issues, but that could be due to the FBA I always do changing the curveof the armhole.  I also adjusted the vertical pleats, lengthening them as well as widening them for a closer fit and shortened the V opening.  A funeral is not the place to flash the twins, especially when one is doing a reading at the Mass!

Having made this in wool, I do not think I would make it in charmeuse (which is the original reason for buying the pattern).  I think the fabric would be too light for the fit of the pattern and I don't think it would move as well on me, anyway.  It has been done by another reviewer who had great success, but for me, this is now my LBD.  Ellen would be proud of the handwork and that I honoured her by sewing the dress.

I have some of the wool left as I had bought enough to do a princess seamed dress.  Now I have to decide if I want to do a skirt or if I have enough to do a jacket to go with the LBD.  I don't think I have enough for a jacket, (and that would be too much black I think) but maybe I can make a snazzy vest/waistcoat?  Hmm .... time to go browsing for pattern ideas!

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Mary Beth said...

Your version sounds perfect, YAY for good fabric! Glad it turned out so well and in time to wear at the funeral. I *think* I have that pattern. The jacket looks like a good one, too.