Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dose of Diva ... Part 2

First of all, a correction.  Last post I said I was pre-treating a wool gab. I mis-spoke.  It is a dress weight stretch wool crepe.  It is in the dryer now as my bed was too comfy this morning to get up early enough to toss it in.  I should be able to get at it to cut tonight as it is still early.

Now for the Daily Dose of Diva Part 2!

Diva finished her lined tote bag today.  There are two more pockets inside.  It looks great!  MB, you would approve of the use of the batik and LOVE the slightly heavier cotton she lined it with!  Today's project was a simple bib apron with a bound edge.  Nothing unusual except hat it was an exercise in patience and careful pinning and top stitching as she bound the entire edge and extended the edge into the ties and the neckband.  She did really well for all that!  Nice straight stitching and a cute little apron.  More of the batik gone, MB!  Tomorrow she is starting her PJ's in another cotton batik!  You, MB are a partner in her camp happiness this week.  Which is just what we need at this point.  Some good memories to look back on.  She is unsure if she wants to have pics taken or not, so I leave it to her.

Exercise - the bike ride was cancelled due to thunderstorms and the pressing need to get the dress done.  There is a function in the near future that I need it for, so I have some time issues to meet.  Tomorrow is TRX Thursday.  I will head to the Rec Centre a bit early and hit the treadmill for a bit prior to the class.  That will help me make up for today.
Friday's lunch will be a challenge menu wise.  We always bring in lunch on Friday's.  How to maintain the tradition without always going for salad?  The menu is Lebanese/Mediterranean, so I think I will try a tabouleh salad or something new like that.  I know I will like the shawarma and other meats, but I want to be a bit adventurous and healthy at the same time.

Short post tonight, life is progressing fast, so I need to get back at it!

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Mary Beth said...

I am so glad the batiks have found a loving home! It really makes me smile to know the progress Sanna is making in her sewing projects. Keep up the postings, Lorna. It's so good to hear from you again. Congrats on your exercise and diet efforts!