Friday, July 25, 2008

PD project photos

First off I apologize for the quality and angle of the shots. The tripod seems to have acquired the ability to leave the workshop unaided, so the nightie shots are not the most flattering of me ... they make my head look so tiny compared to everything else! Once we get back from the vacation I will re-shoot with the tripod (or take over the kids' bathroom for re-takes as it has the best light!

So, without further excuses, here they are

This is another one of my TNT princess T's made in a Nomex Power Dry with silkweight PD piping and neck band. Note to self, when using PD for neckbands, don't just fold and stitch. Use a two piece band so that you have two layers of the wicking surface on top of each other. That way the wicking surface is against the skin. Trust me, when you are working out, if the neck sticks to you, you ARE NOT comfortable!

Next up, a new version of the HP Cadeaux T. I love this pattern and not just because of it having been free! This one is in a poly/lycra knit. I love the print as it is takes me through all seasons thanks to the green and ivory in it! I added some fullness at the CF of the neckline to give some gathering interest.

The next top is made with some beautiful stretch cotton lace underlined with PD. Yup, I am heading to the Pacific coast for 2 weeks, so I need that PD! The first one is a version of a Palmer Pletsch pattern where I decided I wanted to leave off the sleeves. The armscye was a little low, so I added elastic to the seamline to pull it in a bit.

Last but not least, here is one of the two nighties I made up, again using PD. They are from a custom colour run from Ressy last year. The pattern is a vintage one that I bought from Lanetz Living, a wonderful little webstore with plenty of nice surprises hiding in there! I wanted to have something feminine but not frou frou and still be slightly sexy. So, I chose view C.
The first version eliminated the tie opening as I will be staying at the DMIL's house for the next week! So, I simply filled in the void from the opening and then gathered it all in. I love the fit of the skirt! The second one (for home use only) has the tie opening and is in a nice dark raspberry pink. It fits a bit more snug without the extra fabric at CF, but it fills the bill as a "birthday present" for the Pilot!

That is all for now ... I have to go do that last minute laundry and get the kids packed (not to mention me and the Pilot), book the cab for tomorrow, oh yeah and finish adding neck bands to Monkey Boy's T's ... do you think I can squeeze in another simple T for myself? grin ... you never know! I am in the groove to be sure!


Mary Beth said...

You look fabulous. Gosh, you've been working hard at the gym and it's surely paid off. Your new nightgown, the only one we get to see, is very demure and the color is wonderful on you.

All the other tees are great for their intended purposes. Love the navy and white combo and the Cadeaux especially.

Bon voyage and have a good time relaxing while the kids get spoiled by their grandparents!

Meg said...

Give me that pattern RIGHT now! haha Love it. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love Love powerdry for nightgowns! Lovely lovely work!


Ambitious Sewer said...

The nightgown is really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.