Friday, March 21, 2008

Bunnies In Betsy

Well, I am finished. I just spent an hour taking apart Betsy and entering into areas I have not ventured into before. She is an older Singer machine, so there is not much to do. There is still lots of goop on the gears and I added some oil where needed. When I took the base off (something I had never done before) I realized that there was MUCH more lint hiding under there in places I was not reaching with my previous cleans. I think there was a whole bunnie in there, there was so much lint ... it was almost frightening to see how much I missed. I then removed the top and took a close look in there as well. Not as much lint, but I did give a good run through adding oil where needed. I then took a piece of scrap silk and ran it behind the tension plates and then around them. If that didn't work it was going to be dental floss next! Test run with no tension then ratcheting it up to where my normal 3 proved Betsy to be in perfect condition once more! Yippee!!

When we get back from Mass this afternoon I am going to do some fast work on some Easter clothes for Monkey Girl and I. Due to the snow amounts still on the ground up here, dresses are out of the question. So, now I need to decide what I can pull off in 2 days and what fabric to choose ... Life could be a lot worse right now, methinks!

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Mary Beth said...

Yay, Lorna! I knew you could do it!

Glad that worked out and you can welcome Betsy back into service. Don't over work yourself now.

Happy Easter to you all!