Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Breaking Blog Silence

For those who have been sending me the subtle (and the not so subtle) hints, I am taking a scant moment or two to update the silliness in my life at the moment.

First and foremost: I am back sewing again! Granted it is only a pair of pants, but it is a new garment in the closet! I took the HP Everyday pant and made them in some stretch cord, so I have to take them in a bit more than originally planned. Even with the darts in, the lycra gives too much room at the waist. Granted, in the name of speed, I omitted a stay at the waistband seams, so it is a deserved looseness, so to speak. Also, I finally took apart those HP Chilled Out Sweat Suit pants that I threw together a ways back. I have to do a simple alteration to the HP pants. I simply drop the joint part of the L curve a certain amount and then voila ... I Have a nice butt! I think that the rayon knit was a bit too lightweight for them, but they are super comfy around the house and they look good, too!

In order for me to have the time to sew, I have to be out of the house with major motivation. So, I signed up for a class at Darrell's. He is offering a Tailored jacket class using some couture finishes and some industrial techniques (meaning no pad stitching, but bound buttonholes and welt pockets). I have been meaning to try my hand at this but have been a bit intimidated by the whole prospect of the interlining, lining and so on. Darrell's is the place to get over that, for sure! We are using Burda 8300 for the jacket. I am hoping to use a back and royal blue wool from the Wool House that I bought a few years ago. I have some nice wool flannel that will coord well with it for a skirt or pants, depending on shrinkage amounts. I can't wait ... I have to prep the muslin for the 26th of this month and then every Wed I go to Darrell's for some fun and relaxation!

Work wise, I am very busy ... so much so that despite working in a gym, I haven't been able to work out! Part of that is due to the fact that I only work the same hours as my kids school day, so I can't stay late or go in early. So, I bought into a specialty training sessions done by one of the trainers. One hour each Saturday afternoon. That will get me some time exercising.

What is keeping me from all that I love to do? Planning a regional day event for the Beavers in May. It takes a lot of time reading all the e-mails and playing phone tag with the powers that be for our chosen location. Then there is the normal Beaver stuff, like the Spring sleepover we always do and our normal weekly meetings.

On top of that is the occasional research into what may quite possibly be a posting for us next year. Yup, we may be hitting the road over summer 09 ... for those of you who know, keep them fingers crossed and know that you'll always be welcome during ski or hiking season! We will have a spare room ready as long as you bring some sewing stuff for us to do together!

I am off for now ... I have supper to prep for and then a family chore meeting. Not gonna be fun, no way no how.


Mary Beth said...

I'm amazed that you have found time to sew. Congrats on making time for yourself in all the activity! Hope to be seeing you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Its good to see you again. Fantastic oportunity to take some tailoring classes, you will enjoy it.
Good luck making the muslin jacket.