Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mumsews returns ...

I just wanted to say thanks to Texas for the latest snowstorm! It is great! Over a foot and a half of new snow for a guaranteed white Christmas … we made it to Mass this morning and then spent the afternoon baking cookies (I mixed them, Brian rolled and cut and I took them out of the oven). I sense a new traditional way of making cookies in the Newman household! Especially since this one recipe is the one I hate making as it is a pain to roll and cut. But it is a Newman cookie, so it is a must. As soon as I get some ground almonds, I will make the cookies from my side of the family ... yummy almond crescents!

The kids just came in from shovelling out their snow fort (again) and trying to outrun the neighbour’s snowblower as he kindly helped Brian with the massive snowplow drift. Their bottomless stomachs want food, but Brian and I are still full from last night's dinner party. We hosted a friend from Brian's work. They brought their 3 kids as well, so we had a house full of fun! Nothing that 2 beer can chickens on the BBQ can't fill up, though! Good thing, now we have some leftovers for supper tonight ... I see chicken salad on my plate.

I have been away too long. Was it really 19 Oct that I last posted? WOW, I knew it had been a bit, but not that long! Thanks to the "mother hens" (you know who you all are!) for your kind thoughts and worries. It is nice to know that others think of me as much as I do of them! Where have a I been? Well, most of October was spent adjusting to working for the first time in 14 years. Trying to balance kids, home, husband (re-learning how to live with him after a year away)and Scouts. Then, the past 4 weeks I have been out 2 nights a week at the gym not working, but working out) with a trainer. Love the way it has made me feel and especially like the half-inch I lost on the waistline (it was all core work!), but hated the number of nights away. After the holidays, the trainer's schedule changes, so I will have sessions in the morning instead. The true value of working at a gym!

I haven't been sewing much of late. After having Brian gone all last year, going downstairs while he is home just doesn't feel right. We have a year to make up for, you know? It is hard to explain, but most nights I just want to be in the same room with him. We weren't even like that as newly weds, but it is kind of neat to feel like that after almost 20 years together! But ... tonight, mumsews returns! I was daydreaming vice singing today at Mass and saw a new version of the HP Patchoulli dress ….sort of a morph into the Cosmo dress in a stretch velvet floral print I have aging. That will be my holiday dress. Susanna needs a new dress as well. I love stretch velvet, it is so easy to sew up! Then I will finish Brian’s shirt and a new top for Iain. As much as I love my job, I miss having the weeks before Christmas to be holed up in the workshop sewing for the holiday gifts.

I did manage to get a jumper done for work, though. I will try to take a photo of that one soon. A long term plan is to have a mini sew along with dear friend MB. We are both going to do a Claire Schaeffer pant sew along. I have read so many things about the CS patterns and the couture options, that I want to dive in and try it. I have some cashmere coming from Ressy that are pencilled in for pants. If they are not the right weight, then it will be a jacket and I will try using the wool flannel also sitting nicely in the stash. So, I hope to end this year sewing and start the new year the same way. I have to get used to shorter spurts of sewing as opposed to the longer stretches I used to have.

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supermollio said...

Welcome back! I missed you!