Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reviews & ramblings

It came to me that I have not been posting many reviews lately despite some actual sewing on my part. So, after supper, I spent an hour or so drafting reviews of my last few HP projects. The reviews for the Chilled Out Sweatsuit pants (that still need some tweaking), the (Sort of) Sportive Skirt and the Every Day Pant/Capri makeover are all in draft form awaiting photos (and in the case of the capris, hems and waistband facings). The capris, BTW are TDF! I am amazed at the way the back lies and the adjustments were so minimal. I just wish I had a photo to show you but Hamster Boy took my rechargable batteries for his NERF dart gun's "laser" site for battles with his friends (and for those hallway ambushes he pulls on his father each night at bedtime!). I think I better buy some new ones tomorrow morning so that I have my own supply again!

I am fighting a mean viral throat infection right now so sewing is in short bouts as I stop to take meds and drink huge amounts of fluids to keep the rawness at bay. Tomorrow is going to be a heavy sewing day. The capris will be finished and then the lining will be started for my friend's dress. I should be able to get that done by supper as the fitting is finished in the muslin already. I need to throw together a top for the Pilot's office BBQ on Sunday to go with the capris. Do I maintain my HP obsession and go with the Princess Top or the Great White Shirt or do I go in another direction altogether? That remains to be seen according to time available, I think! I would like to go get a few things for the kids for school tomorrow aft as well. They go back on Tuesday ...

I have applications out for 3 positions that interest me and suit my desires for schedules and pay. Today's job interview went well. It was actually a call back for a position I didn't get last spring but now have the opportunity to try for again. They were willing to check to see if they could match the pay of one other job I applied for, so that is a good sign. I'll know Tuesday afternoon.

If I get this position, I may have to rethink all my sewing projects wrt jackets. The dress is business casual, so making a bunch of tailored jackets may be overkill. I am OK with my pant plan, but may have to reconsider the jackets. I'll still do the Kensington Jacket to go with the skirt, but I am now on the look out for other options along the line of the Sportive Skirt Suit jacket. I have this Peggy Sagers' pattern on hand that I could dress down with the right fabric ... maybe alter it for a zip instead of that ribbon. There were a couple of nice Marfy's in the latest catalogue that I like. But that is another post altogether! That requires batteries to show the photos of my wishlist!

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Mary Beth said...

Good luck with your job shopping! Business casual jackets could be made from a wrinkle-free wash and wear linen/poly with sleeves that can be rolled up (looking ready to work, right???) and based on an open shrt type of pattern. Worn over a white shirt and with your sharp Plain and Simple Every Day Pant, you'd be good to go!

Hope your sore throat gets better soon and that you get your own batteries.