Monday, August 27, 2007

Marvelous Marfy Minute ...

On Friday night, I went onto the Marfy site and ordered the catalogue. I paid for the faster shipping as the price was not that much different. The amazing thing is that I got an e-mail the same night saying it was being shipped. According to the UPS site, it is in the city and is en route to my house as I type. WOW! That was fast ... now I can't wait until the doorbell rings and I have it in my greedy little hands!

Now, back to those fast capris ... I added a cut on front fly as side zips tend not to lie flat on my curves. I have a job interview on Thursday morning (after coffee with the girls, of course!), so I want to get these done for then. I am thinking a fast wrap front/twist top to coord with it. Somebody posted a RTW one over at PR a week or so ago. I can't find the link right now, but if I get the top done, I'm sure I'll find it for my review. Basically the top is a faux wrap with a side twist to it. The twist is about midway between CF and the s.s. and is below the bustline, around waist level. As my belly is not for public consumption, I will be making a full wrap under. I am going to start with the Jalie wrap top as it has a nice cut line for the under panel already. I am going to use that as a seamline vice a cut line.

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