Monday, August 20, 2007

Kismet for the Needle

It must be going around today. I just finished reading Ann's post over at Gorgeous Things' blog about chance meetings that may turn into something good. I spent the weekend on the sofa nursing a mild case of stomach flu and forced myself to go to the gym this morning for a light workout. While packing up my gear, I was watching a fellow member evaluating a workout top that was on sale in the gym. The inner Seamstress said "if I was to sew that she would need a smaller size with an FBA, and those spaghetti straps are not recommended". I watched her as she shortened the straps to make it fit better. She gave a big sigh and turned to me and asked "You wouldn't happen to sew would you?". The look on her face when I said yes was almost comical. She didn't expect a yes. She asked what I thought about the fit and I had to be honest and say, "you need another size" and then explain why. After a few moments, she is asking for my card and my price list(which I of course carry with me to the gym (NOT!)). Wednesday we'll meet again after our workout and away we go!

So, I may have another client here ... kismet. Who have you met today?

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