Friday, June 22, 2007

The Bollywood Saga Continues ...

Well, I have finished the bodice and pinned the waist panel to it to see if I like it more than I did this morning. I don't. I dislike it even more. As you can see, the pleats are really invisible and it is much fuller than the muslin was. Even though the pleats are mainly on the side, I don't think that moving them over closer to the CF would change the armscye puff. It just is not appealing to me as it would give the dress the appearance of a puff ball tied in the middle.

So, I spent the better part of this afternoon cutting out another bodice. This time, I started with the bodice mount/lining pieces. I liked the princess line of the mount and it fit well. I added 5/8" in length and also constructed a contrast band for the neckline. Instead of the simple V, I took the contrast band all the way to the waist semline, so the dress will have a Duro like effect. To keep some of the original feel of the dress, I also added some slight fullness to the bodice, which I will gather in. I kept the mount fitted without any gathering as per the original pattern. As the gathering is so slight, I am omitting the interlining. I suspect that the interlining is another reason for the extreme puff factor. This omission will, I hope, give the bodice a softer feel to it. We will soon see ...
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Els said...

Hi Lorna,
I am sorry to read about your dress in the wrong fabric. It seems that the silk fabric you use for this Bollywwood dress is to heavy for this pattern. I just visited HP to see the pattern and read the fabric recommendation and although it said crisp fabric it also says sari like fabric which is a very thin silk fabric. For all those gathers you definite need a softer fabric which will pleats evenly and does not add up. I hope you did not cut the fabric already so you can find another pattern or use that lining pattern with some accommodations to use as the dress.
The silk fabric you choose is wonderful but imo not appropriate for this design.
Good luck, Els