Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The BollyBodice has Begun ...

I have made the minor alterations to the bodice mount/lining of the Bollywood dress. I forgot to mention that I also needed to raise the front V a bit for modesty's sake. The dinner at which this will be worn has us sitting with some international friends, so out of respect (and not wanting to provoke an international incident LOL!), I thought I should avoid showing my bra at dinner!

Here is the muslin lining:

The only concern I still have is the slight fullness at the armscye. It seems to want a dart there, but that might be because I have not clipped the s.a. in the muslin. It might lie flatter once I do that.

Here is the pattern piece for the front of the bodice. You can see how much it has been spread to give all that ease:

I stitched the fronts together and then pinned it to Mindy to play with, knowing that I need to raise that V a bit to accommodate the higher lining. I pleated out the left side of the bodice and pinned it at the bottom. I think I have some more work to do tonight in distributing the pleats for the best effect. I then gathered the right side and tried to spread the gathers as evenly as I could to make it flattering. I still see fullness starting at the armscye, although not as much as in the reviews I've seen. I will staystitch the armscye and the clip the s.a. to see if it disappears when I sew this version.


Debbie Cook said...

Hi Lorna, The dress is looking good and it will be fun to watch it come together. My 2 cents ... that's definitely a dart wanting to happen at the armscye. Pinch it and then rotate it to the princess seam and/or gathers.

julia said...

Lorna, dress is coming along. Thanks for sharing the details. I deal with many of the same issues...

Regarding using Picasa with Blogger. Janime told me that if you upload from your computer directly to your post, it will automatically go into a Picasa album. I tried it - it works great and is a bit easier than the instructions I gave you.

One more - want a very cool tripod for your digital camera? Google "Gorillapod" and find the work of what must be a genius.

Leslie in Austin said...

That's going to be so cute, Lorna!

Re: the need for a dart on the lining; Before you do that, you might give a look to the shoulder slope--you look to be more sloped than the lining pattern.