Tuesday, May 01, 2007

No Dragon Tonight ...

Nothing to report on the dragon's today. I skipped last night as it was Scout night. Today, while I should have been in the workshop, I made an executive decision and went into the garden instead. Last night, we had a special evening, as the older children all moved up a level. So, I said goodbye to 5 Beavers as they moved up to Cubs Scouts. Sad, but exciting at the same time. One of the boys started with me 2 years ago and he was crying for the first month as he couldn't participate in any of the games due to a broken arm. He was so unsure of himself for that time ... this year he is a very aware young boy who has loads of confidence! He is definitely ready for the Cub Pack!

Another event of note, last night I invested as a member of the 1st Gilwell Scout Group. That is the troop begun by the founder of Scouting, Lord Baden Powell. Members of the Gilwell Group have all completed Advanced Leader Training and have earned the right to wear the Gilwell neckerchief and one set of wooden beads on their necker. Those beads go back to the original beads handed out by BP himself. While the original African beads are long gone, the replicas carry the same meaning. Achieving this during the Centennial Anniversary of Scouting in Canada is even more special to me. An added bonus, my mentor had invited all the members of my training course to come and see me get my beads! I am the first one in our section to finish and get the beads. I was told last night that one of the youth that was also on course with me has finished his requirements now and will soon be getting his beads. I will be there to see him as he was for me!

The Garden got some more needed attention today. As we have been in the house now for a little over a year, I am now making the garden mine vice the previous owner's. Gone are the foundation platings that were taking over the front patio. The rose that was attacking people as they walked by it has been moved to harass the lilac in the backyard instead. The sassy Spirea has been relocated from the lilac corner to the front bed where it is now surrounded by some lavender to replace what the local felines killed last year. I also bought a pot with 3 Columbines in it. I divided them up and put them in the front bed where one of the foundation plants had been. I have found many of the lilies that I was sure were killed off last year due to their poor showing, were starting to grow again. I found this out as I was turning the soil and accidentally dug many of them up. Will have to see which ones actually make it now ...I also bought some Iris for the back bed.

Tomorrow I will plant some other shade perennials in the back bed. I am looking for some variety back there and now that the apple tree is gone I have room! To be fair, it wasn't really a tree. More like a tall sapling. It was only about 7-8' tall, but it wasn't very healthy. The roots were in full shade, the trunk was thin and at a bad angle. I managed to pull it out with very little loosening of the roots. That sassy Spirea had more of a root ball than the apple tree! and don't get me started on the roots of that rose ... it looked like something out of Harry Potter! That was the hardest job so far!

Once the kids are settled in bed, I will take the Rodent to the workshop for its nightly exercise. It will roll around the floor in it's ball for about an hour before it wants to go back to the cage to eat and play. By then Hamster Boy will be asleep and the wheel won't bother him. The plan tonight, seeing as I avoided the client work in daylight, is to trace off the flower girl dress pattern and then work on measuring and sizing down where needed. I had some really good measurements taken by the mother, so I have lots to work with. My experience has shown so far that there is not much difference between the sizes width wise, but I will have to see. I will do up a calico muslin to check fit. That way she will get 2 dresses out of this. That reminds me ... I have to do up a contract for the clients before I get too far ahead!

I am off to locate my old price list ... if memory serves, I did a flat rate per garment type for kids and did hourly for adults as they require more fitting. See you later ...

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