Friday, April 20, 2007

What A Difference a Day Makes ...

Well, the Butterick is going to be relegated to UFO status for next fall. As of yesterday, spring has arrived. The temps are rising and the sunblock is now on the counter. When I went to the closet today, I realized I was in major trouble. Very few tops for this temp range. There needs to be a binge of tops and fast! I went to pick up the new patterns I spoke of in an earlier post but I couldn't find the wrap dress. That's OK, I found another dress instead! So, I am going to pull out some TNT tops from the pattern drawer and start a marathon of tops. I have a few short sleeve blouses/shirts I want to put together as well. Now I just have to cross my fingers about the capris in the Closet ... how well do they fit? I am about to find out!

A family note, Hamster Boy turns 9 today. He is growing up so fast, but still has some "little guy" tendencies. I took him out for lunch today (a tradition in our house) and sent Monkey Girl to a friend's for a lunch play date. He inhaled his food as best as his manners would allow and then asked to be taken back to school so that he could play with his friends. Tomorrow the party happens. WE reached a compromise, it is a "non-sleepover" slumber party. MEaning, they arrive at 3:30 and stay till 9:00 pm. We will have 2 movies, pizza and popcorn and maybe an obstacle course outside. Instead of "loot bags" they will paint T shirts with dragon designs of their choosing. I bought 4 packs of white T's @ Wal Mart. I have iron on sheets for the printer, so I will print off some outlines and then they can pick and choose and paint them in their own colour schemes. By the time they go home, they will be dry. Fun in the sun ... and they all have a cool T shirt!

I am off to brave the Closet and the capris, I hear them giggling from here. Then I have to wrap presents before it is time to go get Monkey Girl. The Pilot will be home for supper, at which point the "ripfest" will begin! It will be a toss up what the favorite will be ... the Zoo Tycoon extension for the computer, the water gun (look out PIlot ... you're the target of champions!) or the extra tubes for the Rodent cage (Hamster Boy stated that they will officially share a birthday, so he needs to get something, too!) or the 2 archeology mags he wanted.

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