Friday, April 13, 2007


I found this over at The Stitchery today. The Goddess of War ... seeing as I am a Leo, I guess that fits! Now I really have to dye my hair red to match my personality!

A good thing today, on impulse I entered the Lion's Den at Wal Mart, otherwise known as the bra department. It has been many a year since I Have been able to find proper fitting bras at a non specialty store, which is why I began sewing my bras. The thing is, I need a new bra and can't find powernet locally and can't stand the underwire poking me through the casing on my sports bra. I just don't have the patience right now to sit and repair it. Nit picky work I am not in the mood for (says the person who is back at altering the Dragon Pants!). So, I went and tried on a couple of bras from the "Just My Size" label. I found 2 that fit beautifully! The girls are sitting nicely where they belong and the strap is level in the back where it is supposed to be, just as snug as it is supposed to be. I could almost say the I am in love with RTW! I will still sew another bra, but right now, it was nice to find them when I needed them!

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carolyndh said...

Wow! Isn't that the truth! RTW can be both exasperating and wonderful. But when wonderful what a find! Glad that worked out to find just the right fit.