Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter dresses!

The Marfy is still on hold as I get Monkey Girl's new dress done. There was some conflict as to which fabric would do as she "helped" me bring out the spring/summer stash form the Trunk last week. What settled the discussion was a ribbon she found while cleaning up her toys in the playroom next door. It matched a rayon that has aged in the stash quite well. Then we had to agree on patterns. I wanted a princess seamed pattern that has been tried and true, she wanted an empire waist with sleeve flounce. Both patterns were cut in the right size, so there was no advantage to fighting this fight. She is getting her empire dress.

The rayon is quite lightweight and wrinkles at the slightest glance, which may be the reason why it stayed in the stash! That and the fuschia colour (it was the early 90's what can I say?)! Anyway, to firm it up a bit, I am underlining the bodice with a coordinating cotton calico and making a separate underskirt as well. The skirt will be free floating, attached only at the empire seams. I also lengthened the underskirt so that it will show. The intention is to make the rayon lie a bit better, not be so wrinkly and also give some more shape to the dress.

As it is almost midnight, I am off to bed. The dress is 90% done. The bodice is constructed and the outer skirt pieces are stitched to the bodice. The underskirt if constructed and hemmed. Following my rule of no facings, sleeves or closures prior to bed, I stopped for the night.

Tomorrow will be time enough to finish this up and then attack my Marfy. I have a nice rayon jersey in a wonderful turquoise that is waiting to be sewn up! Hopefully I will be able to get the pattern fitted and done tomorrow. I am hoping that with a neckline change, I can get away without a CB zipper! Wich me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on sewing the Easter wardrobe for your daughter and your self.