Monday, April 02, 2007

Drat that Murphy!!

When I was a small child, I remember my father telling me how they used blame Murphy for all the problems with the aircraft that he worked on. All I could think of was that Murphy must have been a klutz who didn't know how to put tools back in their rightful place. As I got older, I wizened up and figured out about Murphy's Law. He sure does get in the way of things, that Murphy ... What I want to know is, why, with all the other things in my house that he could have played with, why did he go into my bra drawer???!!!

Some time ago, using a kit and a custom drafted pattern, I sewed up my first bra. Constant wear had finally resulted in the elastic loosening enough that I went about making another bra. Great, now I have those two plus my wonderful sports bra to wear with my strapless on stand by if absolutely necessary. Good to go and sew other things, right? Murphy must subscribe to Bloglines or have an RSS feed, cause he knew that now would be the best time to come and pay a visit. First, he took the slight tear in the lace of the first bra and must have stuck both his thumbs in, making it a certifiable hole. Not satisfied with that bit of mischief, he then took my sports bra and poked a hole in the underwire casing, making it just big enough that when I do any exercise, I get poked! Now I am down to my new bra and my (of course) BLACK strapless! Not only do I have to put everything else down and "throw" together a bra, I also have to repair that casing on the other bra so that I can exercise in some semblance of comfort!

The seamstress/adventuress in me is wondering if I should take the sports bra completely apart and draft a pattern from it and make a new one. The sane part of me is yelling "ARE YOU NUTS?!" It is only a casing ... the rest is still practically brand new (that tells you how much exercise I actually do, unfortunately), and then, in the background, I hear that Murphy, snorting as he tries not to laugh too loudly. I bet he was the one who roused all them UFO's from their sleep last month! I wonder if they got sick of him and kicked him out of the workshop and that is how he ended up in my dresser ... or maybe he followed Hamsterboy as he carried all those pants I had been meaning to shorten for him upstairs to his room? The pants don't need shortening any more, BTW. Hamsterboy has done a growth spurt now that the sun has warmed up. The UFO pile is much smaller now that I have gleaned the too small and the just rights and the I'll never wear it even if I do finish it from the pile. I wonder where he will strike next ... maybe he''ll see something more interesting on somebody else's Blog and leave me alone for a while so that I can sew some bras!

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