Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dragons in the Mist

Today I went to Home Depot and found a remnant of electrical cable that was the perfect size for measuring out my crotch curve. All for the astronomical price of $1.07 (w/taxes). So,after lunch, I went to the workshop and came up with this curve. ***** I am not quite sure how accurate it is as I couldn't get it to stay snug against me in the back, but the curve part is accurate enough. I then made a template and then took out the Dragon pants and compared. I needed to change the curve, just like Debbie had suspected (assuming that I made an accurate curve).

I trimmed the vertical s.a. to the size 14 as the last version seemed so large on me, (even once I took out the extra 5/8" I had added to the s.s.). I left any horizontal seams at the 16 as the length of the blue version is perfect. I left the dart shaping in at the front seamlines as well. The first fitting had the front zipper not closing at all. Obviously I needed some of that size 16 above the hipline! To get a better idea of where I needed to add, I slashed the waistband to the vertical seamlines on the pants (front and back) and then added a wedge of paper underneath to trace off the area that needed filling. I then stitched a similar piece of fabric in to test my theory. Worked wonders in the front. The side seams still hang straight and the front lies flat and the zip closes. I still need a bit of ease across the belly fluff, though. To do that I will add 3/8" at the s.s., I think. The back I did the same thing, but it doesn't lie as nicely, but it does give me an idea of how much I need to add. I am wondering if I needed to add a wedge at all or if just letting out the s.a. a smidge would have been enough.

I am going away for the weekend, so I won't get anymore work done on them till next week. I took some flat photos of the wedges. The fitting session I am not up to taking live shots of yet. I'll post the photos tomorrow before I leave just to leave everybody hanging in suspense. I am off to bed ...

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