Sunday, April 29, 2007

Daily Dragon Update #2

Well, the pants are together with the waistband facing on. I will post a pic tomorrow. I am more pleased with the smaller size and my s.a. plan seemed to have worked as I have plenty of ease even in the smaller size. Enough so that I think I will take some of it out at the s.s. and get ambitious enough to remove some of it from the vertical seamline in the back of the legs. There is some fullness there that needs to come out. I think if I use the 5/8" s.a. there and then clip the crotch curve, they will be fine. Sigh, the topstitching was so even, too. I should always do detail work while a hockey game is on. For some reason it made for great background noise and straight lines!

This will be the last incarnation of this pattern, regardless of how they turn out. I think that if I really need this pattern, I will take my Silhouette pant and re-draft from there. Why didn't I do that to begin with? Because I want to keep learning how to alter the patterns I have. That is a totally different skill set and although I do want to be able to draft my own patterns, I am not yet ready to start from scratch. That might just be a summer project for when the Pilot is back home and is settled into his new position. An ideal project to take on when it is too hot to garden and working in the basement shop is the coolest thing in town! I have been wanting to draft a pant sloper from scratch using the Armstrong book that I got for my birthday last year. I also have a pant drafting kit that my DMIL gave me years ago that I have never used. The name escapes me for the moment, but it has a number of templates that are used to draft the pattern. Not as exact, but it would be a neat experiment to try.

Well, I am off to bed. Sewing pants and watching/listening to hockey into 2 periods of overtime (OK, one period of overtime and almost 2 minutes of a second overtime period) only to see a beautifully worked for goal by the team I was not rooting for makes one tired. My Dear Father had his favorite teams in hockey, but he always gave credit where credit was due. New Jersey, you earned tonight's win. Just dont' do it again ...


Anonymous said...

I am following your progress with the Dragon pants. I have this pattern, I want to get the pants cut out and sewn and your blog entries have helped me a lot.
Can't wait to see the finished pants!

Debbie Cook said...

In my long-ago other life, I got to see the Senators during my first live hockey game from the Corel box at the Corel Centre. I was with Canadians (of course) who did a great job of explaining the more subtle aspects of the game to me. I'm an NFL girl at heart, but I'll always remember that night. Plus, it was pretty cool to feel like a "rich girl" in that sky suite. ;-)

Good luck with the pants. I've been following along.