Friday, April 27, 2007

Daily Dragon Update #1

Well, it is almost midnight up here in Canada's capital city. I am off to bed, but first I wanted to post an update on the pants. I have the fronts completely sewn (fly included), using 3/8" s.a. for all vertical seams (fly excepted). I pinned the front to Mindy to see how they shape up width wise. Looking good so far ... she seems to have some room to move, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

The Pilot didn't make it home this weekend, so it is just the monkeys and me. We start with dance class in the morning and then progress to a birthday party at an indoor Mini Golf for 2 hours for a friend of Monkey Girl. The older siblings of Birthday boy is a classmate and Scout mate of Hamster Boy, so I think we will tag along and do some glow in the dark golfing ourselves! Then, once we get home, it will be time to dust off the Domestic Diva costumes as we all work together to clean the house. All the nice temps have caused the trees to bud out, releasing massive amounts of pollen, so I have been laid up with allergies this week. Tomorrow while she is dancing away, I will buy some Claritin! Three days of this is quite enough, thank you very much!

A little teaser ... I went to visit Darrell today at his shop and fondled his silk samples. Let's just say I am super motivated to get these pants done and to progress to the client work this week. I hate being at the mercy of the postal system and customs, but I am for one project so I just have to work one project at a time. That means, the pants then the flower girl dress. Salon work can't start until the fabric arrives.

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