Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Votes are IN ...

The general consensus by e-mail and comments is that I should sew up the Marfy for Easter. I guess I have to get on this fast as there is only 2 weeks left till Easter! So, I started looking at various online stores last night and found some nice ones on Vogue Fabrics. The first one is a mini faille in a wonderful colour that reminds me of a robin's egg. As it seems a bit bright on the monitor, I asked for a swatch. The second one is a linen blend that is a bit softer. I am anxious to see how they look against my skin tone.

I found loads of nice silks, but I want this dress to be wearable in a number of occasions, so I don't want to go too fancy. Using cotton pique had been suggested, but when I looked at what was available online, I didn't find any colours that I liked. The greens were too yellow and way too bright for my taste. I would have liked a nice emerald green or a sage instead, but I couldn't find any, so I will have to deal with what I have available.

I have lots of homework to finalize today and the inner domestic diva in me is demanding that I clean the house. Of course, having a sister come visit for a night encourages that darker side of me. I don't let her out that often ... she tends to be boring and give me lectures about thread clippings and snips on the floor. The nerve ...

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Pearl said...

...there's a problem leaving thread clippings and fabric snips on the floor??? lol

I think the Marfy dress will look great on you, Lorna - I look forward to seeing it come to life!

Pearl in Vancouver