Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Must have mags?

There has been some discussion about the new Taunton Press mag, Sew Stylish, on a number of sites that I visit. I ordered the first issue as I was curious to see what would be inside. I also signed on to their Blogsite for a while as I wanted to see how/if it would compliment the magazine and also to see if this was something that I would really be interested in.

The initial issue is nicely laid out, but it really reminded me of Sew News. Sew News was the first magazine I had ever subscribed to, and when I was younger, I thought it really neat that I could actually buy a volume wholly devoted to sewing where even the ads were sewing related. I found that as I expanded my skills and knowledge, I "outgrew" it. And eventually, I grew to be miffed at the percentage of ads to content. I see Sew Stylish as being very similar. While the content is basic in nature, I don't see it as strictly a beginner's magazine. The articles that were in both were of value to all levels of sewing. What it comes down to is whether or not you want to read articles that are at that level each month. I decided that I did not. The daily read of the Blog was not my cup of tea either. So far, most of the info I had already seen in past issues of Threads. What I want in any magazine I buy is to learn something or to be challenged in my thinking (that is why this year's new subscription is to "The Smithsonian" and the frequent purchases of "Archeology"). The one mag I subscribed to but reluctantly cancelled was "Catholic Digest". I liked the content, but found the junk mail that resulted from that subscription was enormous and at that time there was no way to opt out of receiving it. So, the sub was cancelled. The junk mail stopped only when we moved ...

I have been buying issues of Australian Stitches at Wal Mart of all places each month. I like what I am reading. There has been a series of articles on wardrobe planning that goes beyond the SWAP concept to the broader idea of a whole wardrobe. There is also a series on fit that has been very informative as well. I like how in depth they go for their articles. And I like seeing the same authors as I see in Threads. This sub is more expensive than Threads, but seeing as I no longer buy each issue of WOF, I think that I can swing it for a birthday present to myself this summer.

The reason I stopped buying WOF is that I just can't see myself sewing all the patterns I like in the issues I already have, let alone future issues. I still browse the styles online, but to be honest, I only need so many pant patterns and skirts aren't in my personal style right now, so really it is only tops that I am interested in. And I have so many patterns that I can't justify buying any more issues on a regular basis.

So, Threads and Australian Stitches are my must have sewing mags. I don't NOT recommend the others as I believe that each person has their own needs and wants in their reading. So, what mags (sewing or non) are in your mailboxes each month and why?


stacy said...

Wow, you get Australian Stitches at your Walmart? Cool! I've only read two - they were sent to me from a friend in Australia. I love them. Very good magazines.

I still subscribe to Sew News - I like their new format. I also subscribe to threads, Burda.... I'm a magazine junkie.

LMH said...

Threads, but I mostly think it kind of sucks, to be honest--not enough seriously in-depth technical detail. I'm kind of getting it more in case they run something useful than because they actually do.

My absolute fave is Patrones, but a subscription is c. $411 for 12 issues, half of which are kids issues & other issues I don't want. Too much! :(

I like Burda WOF as a resource. It's nice to take a pocket from here and a belt from there and check how X thing was drafted there, and use all of this to get the thing you really want. It's a great idea book. Burda WOF is also a good counterpoint to Patrones. It's really useful to compare different drafts for similar things. Mostly, I really like knowing I'm covered now for practically anything I might want to make. Such a relief!

Mary Beth said...

Wow, you are so disciplined! I wish Wal-Mart's carried Australian Stitches here. I take Threads and Burda WOF & Plus. I guess it's a good thing I can't get my paws on Australian Stitches locally ~:

Gaylen said...

Threads and Australian Stitches. I love Australian Stitches and have for years. I used to get Sew News and avoided Threads like the plague - but then Sew News started to seem to simple and Threads didn't feel so far over my head.

I wish that I could find Burda WOF locally - I know there are others in my ASG group who do. I picked up one issue while we were on vacation in Boston, but didn't love it, but then have seen other issues that I wish I had!

Great post! Thanks - g