Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No more excuses ...

I just came home from picking up the new addition to the Shop. While not a sewing machine, it is something just for me. I found an elliptical/stepper machine that folds oh so nicely and fits, like it was meant to be there, under the cutting table. Now, I know that if I kick the machine while cutting, it will be a signal to pull it out and use it!

In order to slowly acclimatize the rest of the room to the machine, I have opened the doors and just have it peeking inside. That should keep the ruckus to a minimum while I put the kids to bed and pop some Advil for this headache that has been plaguing me most of the day ... maybe a trial on the machine will help.

What I really need now is a nickname for the machine. I love how Ressy calls her treadmill the "dreadmill" ... I am now taking suggestions for what to call this little fella! Maybe the 'Lepper?

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