Thursday, February 08, 2007

More UFO complaints ...

Well, the Closet, not wanting to be outdone by the Workshop, has now started to complain as well. Turns out that all those wearable muslins I have been doing aren't satisfied with being alone in the closet. They seem to think that because they have been completed with relatively little effort, that the "final" versions should be keeping them company upstairs. So, now the to do list is getting longer. Not only do I have to finish the UFO's, the mending and exercise, I also have to make up the final versions of the HP cardigan and jacket.

I think the closet feels left out due to all the attention being given to the workshop. This afternoon things were fairly subdued when I ventured down to try out the Beast formerly known as elliptical. I think the coats were a bit intimidated by the Beast. So should I have been, I think. I severely underestimated it's power. I foolishly thought that since I can easily do 30 minutes of hills on a treadmill (OK I could, last year!) that this wouldn't, indeed, couldn't be that hard ... could it?

IT WAS WORSE! After only 5 minutes I was seriously re-considering this purchase. Now I understand why the seller converted to a treadmill. First, my knees "thickened up", making them very tired. Then, the glutes started to yell at me ... I could feel one muscle all the way from the back of my knee all the way to my waist and it was not happy! I had to take a number of breaks to catch my breath. I swear that I heard those dragon pants muttering as they lounged behind me on the cutting table. Something about deserving every minute for abandoning them. Dissing the seamstress is NOT how to get me to quit! So, I changed the channel to HGTV and carried on! I forced myself to finish the full 30 minutes of motion ... problem is, it took me almost 45 minutes to accomplish that feat! My new goal is to bring that 30 minute session down to an actual 30 minutes in the next two weeks.

In an effort to make amends with the UFOs, I folded the Beast and slid it out of view under the cutting table. I then took the ring leader Dragon upstairs into the light of day to ripstitch all the alterations I have done to date. The plan is to put them back together and take another look at them. I explained that I have a meeting at the school tonight about Hamsterboy transferring into French Immersion next year. The ringleader seemed to accept that excuse/reason. The rest of the plan is to go down and rebaste along the original lines, take a photo and put them down again. I will then start to hand hem the sleeves of the coat. I have to pin the hemline. I will hopefully be able to call it a night after that. Of course, this all depends on Hamsterboy not having any more nightmares ... I bet it is the Closet that is waking him up each night. His Den is the other side of the Closet wall.


Carole said...

At least your UFOs mutter at you. Mine silently threaten me. I am afraid to return to my sewing room (that's my excuse, anyway, for not getting any sewing done).

Lorna said...

Be careful, Carole (hey, my middle name is Carol!). It is always the quiet ones that are the worst offenders ... watch your back when you venture down there!