Friday, February 09, 2007

Dragon restart ...

OK, I have gone back to the beginning and removed all basted changes except for the expanded side seams. The pants are still a bit snug at the hip/waist area (see the drag lines on the left yoke piece?), but what I really am stumped about is what to do about those vertical lines below the crotch curve. I have yet to clip this curve although I did snip at the joint of the "L" shape. This is a very wide pant, but the majority of the width seems to be carried in the inner pant leg piece. Are these lines due to this extra width?

Help is needed here, readers!

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Mary Beth said...

Hi, backside of Lorna, it looks like the extension of the crotch curve is too long and the back leg is too wide. Difficult to say about the crotch curve itself without clipping but it looks to be a bit high...scoop it out a bit? If you do that you can also shorten the length of the extension at the same time.