Saturday, February 10, 2007

Basics, continued ...

Well, last night and this morning's efforts have me now ready to cut muslin #2 . Having undone all the changes done before and restarted really helped. Turns out I had over-thought the alterations. All that I really needed was to lower that curve and shorten the length of the extension quite a bit. When I balked at how much it appeared that I needed, I pulled out my Silhouette pants pattern and compared the curves. Pretty close! The only other change I had to make was to take a small horizontal tuck across the back and then add that back to the top. What I did was to take this out of the yoke piece rather than the pant as I didn't want to fiddle with adjusting the 2 pieces.

The pattern calls for medium to lightweight fabric like panne velvet or rip stop nylon ("think drapey"), neither of which I have. So, I am trying to determine which fabrics to use from the stash. I have some nice twills, but I think they may not be drapey enough. Same for the brown ottoman ... I have some really lightweight brown gab type fabric from Fabricmart, but I would not be able to wear it any time soon due to the temps outside! So, I am going to hedge my bets and try some red gab in the trunk for this muslin. I was given the fabric by my mother, and while I like the idea of red pants, I am not sure I am the person to wear them ... primarily because I don't have enough in the Closet and stash to wear with them! So, the red gab is muslin bound while I re-think what to use for these pants! OF course, if the Sophia knit from Ressy arrives soon, this whole conversation may be moot! I have some in black arriving that would be perfect for these, I think!

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