Thursday, December 14, 2006

Next steps ...

The "new" serger arrived yesterday. I threw together a TNT pattern to test it out. I used a silkweight powerdry to line an unruly sweater knit in a pullover top. It is amazing how differential feed makes certain fabrics behave! This is just what I needed to get out of a bit of a sewing slump.

I just finished the lining muslin for the coat. I needed to take a short break to prep a chicken for supper. This can prevent so much hurt from happening. I am going to start cutting as soon as that bird is in the oven! I am going to start with the lining and then work my way out so that I can adjust up as I go if I need to. I don’t have enough of the silk charmeuse to do the sleeve lining, so I either have to go see Darrell or use some other fabric in the stash for the sleeve linings. Seeing as I have used my fabric budget for December already, I think I may hide the poly in the sleeves. So, I will cut the lining and facings today and then I should be able to get them interfaced and stay stitched soon. If nothing else, I will get to finish the edges of the fabrics with the new machine (any excuse to use the new one!)

The Pilot is home for an extended weekend and I am getting my hair done tomorrow and I may even do some more Christmas shopping if I get brave enough to go to Toys R Us on a Saturday ... I still need to get this year's Lego instalment for the kids. Girl Monkey is finally getting her own box so that she can stop bugging her brother!


Connie Bontje said...

majorly cool my friend that I read about your blog on The Diva site!
Can we get together Monday or Sunday?


Marcy said...

Are you still using the same serger? Still like it? I am debating getting this same model and am looking for as much input as I can find. Thank you.