Saturday, December 16, 2006

How not to get your holiday sewing done on time ...

Well, all my plans for sewing this season have fallen through the cracks. OK, fallen down the stairs ... the last one step to be specific. I am in a golden position to nothing but sewing as I have a bad foot sprain, but I can't do any standing for any period of time. There lies the problem. I have nothing cut out. Lots of time to sew, but nothing cut! No new patterns to study, no new books/mags to read (the spousal Santa should have picked up the new WOF for me, so I don't dare go pick it up. Not that I could as I can't drive right now! ARGH!!!

I think I am going to brave it for a bit anyway as I am going nuts trying to be still and keep the foot elevated. This could be a golden opportunity to get some of those Silhouette patterns done up as they usually don't need any FBA. And maybe the kids' clothes ... Elder monkey wants some of those tops that have the mock double sleeve with (gasp) a collar and younger monkey needs a new skirt to go with the cutie lace top I bought her for Christmas Day Mass. I have some black velour I can do up for that ... maybe with some red accents. I could add some godets for a really twirly skirt. Maybe I should look through my OD back issues to see what I can find. Then there are those T's for the Pilot; those can be cut and produce in a production line.

This is much better. I was dreading the fact that I can't work on the coat as that would take too much standing to cut out all at once and there would be no sewing in between. I think what I have to do is organize and multi task. I can't work on the coat until the lining is done. Ergo, I cut the lining and interfacing first with a top or two as well. When I need to elevate, I sew. When I can stand for a short period, cut tops.

The coat can be cut quickly once the lining and interlining is put together. I have enough of the main colour to use self fabric for the sleeve interlining as I don't want to use my thermal layer there. It would be too bulky and take away from the bias drape of the sleeves. I can also cut out some swatches and practice bound buttonholes on the wool. If I am satisfied with the results, I can go ahead with those. IF not, then I will do button loops and maybe hide a zipper in the overlap. I also remembered that I have some more silk charmeuse in the stash. I have some wonderful Christmas red left from a formal I made a couple of years ago. Whether or not it will be enough to line the bias sleeves, I am not sure. Will have to go digging in the cedar chest. If not, then maybe I can use it for the facings, freeing up more of the navy for the sleeves and body.

The Pilot and the monkeys are being so wonderful right now. They did the groceries this morning while I was getting my hair done. The elder monkey actually volunteered to walk his sister to school yesterday. Huge advance for him to actually volunteer to miss some playground time and be seen socially in public with her. I was so proud of him, making his own lunch and her breakfast as well. He even drew her bath for me so that I would not have to do the stairs last night as the Pilot had not arrived home yet. Whatever other things they do, as monkeys tend to go crazy quite often this time of year, I have been blessed with wonderful children. Their behaviour reinforces to me that the Pilot and I are raising them well. I think that is the best present I could ever receive ...(the gingerbread tree brought home from school by the younger monkey as a get well gift is a close second)!

The new Hot Patterns baby arrived this week. Two monkeys in their home now ... may they be as happy and blessed as I feel right now. Congratulations, Trudy, Jeremy and Gideon!


A trip into the cedar chest revealed only a beaded silk remnant, no charmeuse. So, I found some Ambience lining that was bought for some floral chiffon and will use that for the sleeves instead. Another find was some Malden Mills Windbloc microfleece. There was just enough to use as a thin thermal layer for the body of the coat. If I cannabilize a jacket that I no longer wear, I can have more for the sleeves. Having a thin layer of windbloc will be very helpful. So, tomorrow, I get to recycle fabric and a coat length zipper while I elevate my foot. When I finished digging, I managed to stand long enough to get the lining and thermal layer cut out for the body. I have enough charmeuse to cut the neckline facings as well. Tomorrow, while standing, I will cut those and the contrast neck facing and interface.

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Mary Beth said...

I hope your ankle is healing well. I'm sure you're getting very tired of lying flat and thinking of all the things you could/should be doing. It's not fun, I know!