Thursday, November 16, 2006

Too many things to do ...

Well, the living room is painted and the furniture re-arranged and the sheers re-hung. Now all that is left is to buy the new drapes and hang the photos. The dining room has been stripped of the resident border and the walls patched. I have bought the new paint and am ready to roll with that room next ... but this weekend I fully intend to get moving on that coat! I recently found a TV on Craig's List that I intended to use for workouts in the basement, but seeing as I also have cable in the workshop, there is no reason I can't watch CSI while I cut and baste, right? So, tonight I will move the TV to my room and get at it! NO excuses (barring the kids of course ...)! The weather has been warm and rainy lately so the motivation to sew this has been minimal, but I want to avoid having to sew and freeze at the same time!

Tomorrow the kids have a day off. Monkey 1 is having a friend over for the day as both parents are working. Monkey 2 will be "helping" me paint the dining room while she isn't annoying the elder monkeys ... Then off to see "Happy Feet" the movie tomorrow afternoon. I might even get some sewing in ... she can work on her crazy quilt in the shop with me. (TV will be moved back by then, the monkeys have yet to discover that the cable actually works downstairs and I want to keep it that way!)

Thirty more minutes till monkey bed time ... they were supposed to tour a fire hall tonight with Scouts (we call the 5-8 year old Scouts Beavers up here in Canada). As I arrived, the trucks were rolling out on a multi vehicle accident. No tour this week ... lots of disappointed Beavers, but at least they got to see the trucks at work as they drove by the accident (another feeble attempt at finding silver linings in every cloud)!

Tomorrow I will be posting photos of the flannel version of the coat's outer layer. Wear your sunglasses ... it is a bright yellow!

Edited to add: Murphy's law has struck again! Little monkey has a bad belly ache and is in the living room on the sofa with the hot water bottle. No sewing tonight now. This seems to be becomming a regular Thursday night occurence lately. I wonder if it is something else. Dad is not coming home this weekend, maybe she is just reaching out as she misses him?

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