Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Dose of Diva - Part 3

Just a short post today was PJ bottoms day.  She decided to do shorts for summer out of another batik from MaryBeth.  She loves how soft it is!  The top will come later on, I think.  Tomorrow is her last day at camp, but not the last day sewing.  This was a great opportunity for her.  If she wants, I may sign her up for some of the weekend classes in the winter if Darrell runs any follow ups (like maybe a jeans course to go with all that great denim you have in stock???  What do you think about that idea, Darrell!  Great for the teens and tweens!).

It was TRX torture day.  It is getting easier each week.  The muscle memory is coming back.  I am able to do more for longer now on some of the harder moves.  I would be better if I did more at home with my own TRX, though.

The dress is ready to put together.  The lining is done as is the dress.  Tomorrow I have to finish.  I have run out of time.  I may leave the neckband off for expediency at this point.  Will see how things progress tomorrow.  I have only a half day of work, so I will be able to do more when I get home.  I also have to add a modesty panel to a tunic that was given to the Diva by a friend.  She can't wear it as is at this point.

I know that I just stated posting again, but I am giving fair warning that I may be intermittant over the next week.  We are going out of town as of Saturday for at least a week. I am unsure of what access I will have.

Stay sewing and start exercising ... See you soon.

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Mary Beth said...

Have a safe journey, my friend. See you when you get back.