Thursday, March 06, 2008

PJ Day

It is almost midnight and I am smiling! I just finished a pair of PJ's for Monkey Girl and it is almost bittersweet. You see, she loved raglan style T shirts (sound like anybody else we know?), especially since those are the basis of the nighties that her Nannie made for her in past years and since Hamster Boy practically lives in his. Today, as I was searching through the patterns, I found that the only one I had for her was too small. She now fits into the same pattern range as her big brother. Yup, no more of the little kids patterns, she is now into the big kids sizes. The baby is growing up and growing up tall!

The jammies are very cute and feminine without being over girlie, I think. The lavender powerdry (from a wazoodle grab bag) coords great with a white and lavender stripe jersey. I used the jersey to extend the legs (I ran out of PD) and for the sleeves of the night shirt. I used some FOE for the neckline and then added some lace to the bottom hemline for an added touch (OK, for added length for those nights when she will refuse to wear the matching pants). The seamline I covered with an iridescent pink ribbon. I echoed this treatment (minus the lace) on the legs where I added the striped portion. I think they look really nice ... we'll see what she thinks in the morning.

Hamster Boy didn't want new ones. He'd rather I trim up the camo knit bottoms I made before Christmas and wash them for tomorrow. When I made those up, I used an XL width and a L length in the KS pattern. Turns out he really only needed the L length in the leg, not the body. He is short waisted and long legged (for now, anyway). So, rather than trim and lose the growth room, I merely turned the elastic casing in once more and took in the crotch seam to narrow them down a bit. We'll have to see if that is enough tomorrow. If not, then he will wear his second choice ... the dragons from last year.

Tomorrow night, I am going to take in those cords a bit. Then, on the weekend, I will prep the pattern for the jacket. This is one project where I will post progress step by step. Not a tutorial by any means, but a way of welcoming you all into my class with Darrell. Now if only you all could hear what goes on in that work room when we are all there at once! You'll just have to come north for a visit, is all. Just make sure to bring snow gear ... March came in like a lion and is determined to stay that way!


Keely said...

The pj's sound great and I'm sure they'll be a hit. Enjoy a bit more time to yourself now you're not having to worry about the Scout prep.

CharityinAlaska said...

Not sure how one goes about fitting a Hamster Girl and a Monkey Boy, but the jammies sound great! :) I enjoyed your blog and am glad to hear that you're sewing again. A true fanatic can't stay away long, huh?


connieb said...

Hey - glad to see you posting again! I ahve been quiet too - new job, play, etc. Have had 2 short forays to Ottawa this fall, but so short that I only saw miss Lauren. I promise to call you for coffee next time!