Friday, October 19, 2007

The Coat is Dead - Long Live Which Coat?

I had to bid a fond farewell to my almost 20 year old Gore Tex raincoat this week. It had a major rip beside the pocket stitching that I can't fix. It is in a spot that can't be patched and is jagged and can't be sealed. So, goodbye raincoat! You have served me well! The Pilot, being the kind one that he is, offered me his GoreTex instead. You see, he has weight-lifted his back and shoulders out of his as it no longer fits. Nice intention, but it is still huge on me. I may have worn it when I was 200+ pounds pregnant, but I am no longer in need of that much space in outerwear, if you know what I mean!

So, I am now contemplating new outerwear. What do I need, really? While I would like to think I can find something that will take me from work to play, I hardly think that I can find a nice enough style for work (business casual with Dress UP Fridays) that will also survive weekend outings with the little Beavers on hikes, or playing with Monkey Girl and Hamster Boy in the yard. So, I think I need 2 different coats. One for work and Mass, the other for play. I can still get the same Gore Tex jacket, but to be honest, I think I want something different. For the other coat, I would love to have something wool. By the prices I see, I am considering making one instead. Even with Darrell's prices, I'd still be ahead.

I know what you're thinking. I have 2 coats in progress right now. One is a wool boucle fleece in a duffle style that would be perfect for the playcoat. If I layer underneath it, I'd be toasty warm for when things get frostier. So, I will finish that off as I really like that fabric! The other coat, the HP Cherry Blossom, I am going to give as a gift to a friend who fits it better than I. For me to wear it, I would have to totally cut it down and redo it, after doing a new muslin to determine the best fit. I could probably just re-start with a new muslin and cut new fabric faster. I like the overall style of the Cherry Blossom coat, but the sleeves are not practical for the Northern weather. So, I may take that nice silk wool blend in the stash and make that into the CB as a light jacket for work.

But what about when I need something a bit warmer but not down? Well, in my Marfy catalogue, I fell in love with this pattern for a jacket. It is stylish and I think it could be easily lengthened for the style I want. The only concern I have is whether or not a coating fabric would suit. The pattern has arrived, but I am going to think on it while I finish the duffle coat and hem the Cherry Blossom coat for my friend's birthday in November.

The only other coat I've really fallen in love with is this other Marfy, reviewed over on PR by Marjenann. I love the lines of this one as well. This is one that I could see me wearing to work! So, now all I have to do is to make up my mind, order the pattern and then give Darrell a budget! Realistically, though, I think I will stick with the ones I have. And I will most likely go out and get that Gore Tex again as it is more sensible for wet days or for snow play with good underlayers. Only in a different colour this time... maybe a nice red this time! Now, where did I put that WOF issue with the duffle in it ...


Anonymous said...

Lorna I love both of those styles, but I always think the 2nd one is more something to wear as a dress coat over a dress or other cloes fitting garment. Whereas the other one could be worn with pants, a skirt, or over a sweater.

Both of them are FAb though! So hard to decide with Marfy.... Phyllis

/anne... said...

I've got the Portland raincoat pattern lined up for next Australian winter, with a bronze-black slightly rubbery coated fabric - dressy AND waterproof!

I also bought some Burberry coated cotton from Denver Fabrics' sale in a royal blue; it's going to be a dressy anorak to wear to/from work in summer to cut the chill and protect from brief showers. I live in Melbourne, and southerlys even in summer can be rather chilly.

That Marfy coat is almost identical to one I bought in 1975 when I got my first part-time job. The coat cost $140, and I was paid $1.15/hour - guess I always was a fashion tragic!

Karla said...

Lorna, where the heck are you? I've missed your posts on PR - and even went so far as to ask Deepika to add a new feature to PR so we can track missing members' most recent posts. I hope all is well with you. Please post something; I know I'm not the only one who has noticed your absence.