Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Update ...

Well, this is now Easter weekend. Time for a Lenten check up. The secret resolutions were:

1. not buy ANY fabric at all; I almost managed to not give in on fabric purchases. Any fabric that arrived during the past 40 days had been ordered much earlier via Ressy's co-ops, so they didn't count (especially as this was a first day of Lent resolution). The only purchase that occured in Lent was a small one for Ultrasuede from Ressy that matched the double faced wool earmarked for the final version of the HP Lacy Wrap Cardigan. I paid for it the other day. In the spirit of honesty, I had signed up for her powerdry as well, rationalizing that it wouldn't have to be paid for till after Easter. But intent counts, so I cancelled my order. I am sure that I can do without it.

2. not buy any new patterns; I only bought 4 patterns, one of which was for a client, so that didn't count. Out of all the others I definitely could have done without 2 of them, but I had to get that Butterick pattern to knock off one of Diva Phyllis's tops! It was on sale, you see! And I did go in and leave without any fabric at all ...

3. no caramel muffins at Coffee; I know, most people give up chocolate, but my kids are selling chocolate almonds right now and the Pilot did bring back all that Belgian chocolate, so that was NOT an option! The gals and I all go out on Thursday mornings each week for coffee and a caramel muffin at our local indie coffee shop. For the past 4 weeks, I bought the muffins with the intention of bringing them home to my kids. I bought them both muffins for the past 3 weeks. And I had breakfast before I left the house. So, that was the most successful project.

4. sewing for others; didn't happen. Not one response from any of the requests I put out there. Seems like I have to find my own niche and just do it on my own. I am determined to keep looking on this one, though. I need some balance.

5. more of me to the kids; Some improvement has occured, I must say. We managed to make pizza for half of Lent but schedules threw the other half to the delivery man. But we did have more laughs together at night. Being together so much has also left some residual sibling rivalries, but I think that is natural for their ages (5 and almost 9).

All in all, a good Lent. I have done more personal reflection this year than in prior years, so I think I have accomplished what I set out to do. How about you?

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