Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dragon Daily Update #3

Little sewing tonight, but lots of ripping! I have taken the inseams and crotch seams out so that I can take in the vertical seams in the back of the legs. I also trimmed off a bit of the crotch seam at the back to bring it in line with my one and only TNT pant curve. I am calling it a night. Too many hockey games of late ... combine that with what I thought was allergies (allergies don't travel into your chest, do they?) and I feel the need for my bed! Tomorrow is another day.

I will work on the flower girl dress in the morning and keep the evenings to my personal projects. That way I can try to simulate a regular work day. I hope that this becomes a habit ... having to sew for a living in the daytime, I mean! A gal could get used to that, especially if it brings in enough for me to expand my workshop "supplies" (otherwise known as better quality stash!). See you all tomorrow ...

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