Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again ...

Tonight I managed to avoid the dishes for a bit longer by loading that trusty dishwasher so that I could head downstairs to the workshop. First on the agenda was to pick up that load of ribbing, lining scraps and bra/swimsuit findings from the floor and actually place them in the drawer unit filched from Hamster Boy. I was able to see at the same time that I need to buy some more powernet before I can sew up any more bras, so I will have to make do until I can get some in.

I serged the edges of some fabric I am going to pretreat tomorrow and then I sat down to work on my crocheted crossover top. I managed to serge the powerdry to the crochet (except for the extensions which will remian unlined) and also to attach the lower bodice piece to the upper crossover extensions as well. When I put this piece on Mindy, a glaring need for a dart emerged, so I pinned one out on the outer edge of the extension at the bustpoint and it fit beautifully! The zipper is in the back and the underbodice is darted and ready to be attached to the back. I should easily have it finished tomorrow.

The crossover is not attached to the neckline of the bodice at all. It is stitched into the side seams only and appears to be completely separate from the back. I am not sure how this will wear. I forsee it shifting up my neck and strangling me at some point, so I am going to have to think about how to fix that. This top is also a more closer fit than I had thought it would be despite the fact that my fabrics have more than enough stretch to them.

Tomorrow morning I have to have a meeting with the Easter Bunny's suppliers for the weekend and then I have to pick up some groceries as well. A dear friend whose eyesight is failing needs me to sew on some uniform badges for her as well, so I will go over and have a cuppa while I stitch. Relaxing day, all in all, as long as Murphy stays away!

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