Wednesday, February 07, 2007

UFO Sightings

I seem to have hit a speedbump the size of a moose in my sewing. First, it wsa too cold in the basement. Solution: I closed the cold air return for the furnace that was bringing in all that minus stupdid air. Then I added a space heater to the Shop, but when I planned on going down, Hamster Boy had some bad dreams, needing snuggle time with Mom on the sofa. This happened for a few nights in a row, so I think Hamster Boy was imagining all sorts of horrible things when he heard the exercise wheel and antics of the Rodent at night. Said Rodent has been moved to the TV Room out of earshot of Hamster Boy. Nightmares have almost gone away. I think he has also been reading the old Goosebumps books at school ... they tend to make his imagination go wild! Still no sewing at night for a while ... And daytime has been busy with Scout stuff. One of my homework assignments for my training is to make a 3 year plan, 3x 1 month plans (in detail) and then plan and run a weekend camp. All by end March.

It all started because I needed to take a break from the coat and started the pants. Then I needed a break from the pants, so did I go back to the coat? No. Now, both are UFO's taking up space. Looking around the shop, I also see a fleece coat started when we first moved here almost 18 months ago. It was intended for my mother, but then she went to Burlington Coat Factory with her friend and came home with 4 coats/jackets. No need for it anymore, so it hangs, forlorn, watching the other coat.

I am sure the two of them have been bickering when the lights went out. The Cashmere can be a bit snotty at times, so I am sure that the wool fleece is now laughing at the Cashmere's unfinished state. "At least I have facings and linings" I thought I heard it mutter ... As for the pants, I am not sure it has forgiven me the snub I unintentionally gave it to help the Monkey make her "pooch pouch" "it is sooooo PINK!" it whines ...

Just when I get them calmed down I hear a quiet sigh from the closet area ... turns out the Pilot's shirt muslin is threatening to come out of hibernation early. Not a good thing to do, I tell it. The last time the Pilot was home, I took a good long look at his back and shoulders... he has re-discovered the weight room. Again. Come Spring Break, he is going to Darryl for some shirts! I am going to wake up the muslin and then join it with another and we will compare the two at the shop.

Of course, snarking in the background is the mending pile. My dear Mom sewed the Monkey a number of nighties and tops a year back and the seams have all popped. They need almost total redoing for her to wear. They feel so left out ... especially as they don't even have a basket or a box. Just a pile.

What the reaction will be tonight when I introduce the Elliptical/Stepper to the mix, I am not sure. I am sure that there will be some snark about it being a new place to hang UFO's. I will have to make some space under the Table as it folds down for storage when not in use. I have yet to decide if it will actually be inside the Shop or just outside the glass doors, but still in view of the TV. I wonder what I would hear if I left a tape recorder in there tonight ...

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