Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lenten Thoughts

This morning my sister offered to take Monkey to school so that the sister and law and I could go to Mass as today is Ash Wednesday. I haven't gone to an Ash Wednesday service for a while as they are usually in the evenings when the kiddies should be in bed or early in the morning when I am dropping one off to school. So this was a nice thing for her to do.

Today marks the beginning of Lent for my family. We have never been a family to "Give up something for Lent". I know many people who do, and I support them in their endeavors. That is why I never send my mother in law chocolates for Valentine's Day. It always falls too close to Lent and she always gives up chocolate, ice cream and wine. Her only 3 vices. What we try to do is to pick something and do extra. This morning, one of the Deacons in training at my Parish gave a wonderful reflection on Lent as a Season of Giving. Giving of more of one's self than normal. Of restraint where no restraint is usually given (he used an example of our behaviour in traffic and line ups). This goes beyond just writing an extra cheque or not having chocolate. It involves true giving, that which takes effort and has an effect.

After some thought, I have decided on a two pronged approach. First of all, I am giving Ressy up for Lent. That's right, yesterday I made my last order to the Evil Fabric Queen for the next 40 days. Not only will my pocket book like it, so will the rest of the stash as they are complaining about being cramped. The second part will be to take some of the stash I currently have and sew it up and give it away. In the days after HamsterBoy was born, I sewed maternity clothes for young mothers who were in need. I have lots of bottom weight fabric in the stash. I also have lots of knits coming in a recent buy from Ressy. I am going to contact the local service agencies and see if there is a need for maternity or nursing clothes for young mothers. I am going to use my personal stash to fill this if I can. I am not sure of the success I will have, but I am sure that I need to try. I need to be a little more selfless this Lent. Does anybody care to join me?

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carolyndh said...


What a great idea! I will try to think of something similar that I could realistically do provide a selfless gift-giving service in some way. I like that idea--I haven't heard Lent put into that context before--NICE! Thank you.