Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Customized Shopping?

While browsing the boards over at PR this morning, I came across an article on the use of Body Scanners in RTW stores. While this is not new to me, there was some content in the article that was a bit interesting to me. First of all, apparently, my hourglass figure is an oddity (emphasis is added):
"the women’s fashion industry was shifting from its hourglass-figure paradigm. The research – sponsored in part by J.C. Penney, Target and Jockey – showed that the hourglass figure is the least dominate shape of women, making up only 8.4 percent of the 6,318 women scanned. In fact, the hourglass figure almost doesn’t exist in women above a size eight."
Snort ... sorry, I am still shaking my head over the thought that the hourglass actually was the paradigm!

The other thing that peeked my interest was a reference to a website called My
The purpose of this site is to be an online portal for personalized shopping. After registering, you enter in a raft of personal measurements and then select colouring and hair colour and answer basic questions about what type of clothing styles you wear and so on. So far there is nothing new here, I have seen this offered elsewhere, but the new twist (for me) was that once your info is entered in, they offer you a personal selection of garments that are sized for your measurements and supposedly suited to your figure type and colouring. The idea being that you will then buy those items from this site. Being a member gets you free shipping and returns.

For the fun of it, I entered in all my info and then opened "My Shop" to see what they would have for me. I must say that had I the $, I would wear most of what they offered up for me. The biggest surprise was the red business skirt suit shown on the first page. It was a bluer red than the gab in the stash. Maybe it is the shade of red that put me off that gabardine ... it is a more orange red than a blue red. The only criticism I have is that the garments are shown on mannequins that are not my shape and the fit on the mannequins are definitely helped along by unseen pins an clamps, I am sure. It would have been even better to visualize had the garments been on a virtual me, I think.


Mary Beth said...

See? You are special! Happy Valentine's Day!

stacy said...

Thanks for the link! I spent some time doing this and have to agree on what they picked out for me!

Robin said...

Interesting! I am going to go check this out.