Friday, December 01, 2006

Linings and facings Part 1

I needed to take some time away from the coat yesterday. I had added an extra 5/8" s.a. to account for the interlining and sewed at only 5/8". This made the coat very large and bulky even over a heavy sweater and a length of the lining fabric underneath. So, I went back and stitched a larger s.a. to make a total of 1" from the cut line on one side of the muslin. This still gives me an extra 1/2" per seam so I think I will have more than enough room now without looking like I am wearing a tent. When I sew the re-stitched side, I was much happier. I stitched the lining/facings the same way, at 1". so far so good.

I have mentioned before that there are lots of pieces to the lining for this coat. Rather than just a front, back and sleeve lining, there are also back neck facing, front and back shoulder facings and the 2 piece front facing that is also the shawl collar/hood. I have the pieces all cut out and have the facings put together and am now working on the lining. The facing pieces had no connecting marks, but they are pretty obvious since this is a raglan sleeve, matching the proper angles was easy.

I have redrafted the hood again. I am still not happy with it. Part of it is also because I did not extend the CB neckline seam enough to account for the extra s.a. I added at the 2 piece sleeves and the CB. I was forging along until I realized that I had forgotten to add the extra s.a. from the sleeve seams (cerebral rot moment ... otherwise known as sewing till almost midnight). If this hood draft does not work, I will draft a separate hood that will button onto the coat body. Or, here's a novel thought - wear a hat!

As it is now the weekend, I am not gong to do much on the coat. The Pilot is home and we are taking the Monkeys to a local Museum that we have not yet been to. Then Sunday afternoon is family portrait time followed too quickly by the Pilot leaving again.

Another thing that has me a bit bummed out is that I lost the auction on eBay for that serger. I had it up till the final minute when somebody else came in and swooped it out from under me. There was no time to counterbid. I am so disappointed. I had my hopes up when there was no activity against my bid for over a full 24 hours. Oh well, that's life on eBay, right? Make your bid and take your chances ... I guess this may be a sign that I should wait and keep saving and buy new, right? After all, I have dealers for all the brands here, all it will take is me deciding which one I want/afford. And how long I am willing to wait to get there!

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